Prada has confirmed the nomination of Carlo Mazzi as general manager in charge of finance, administration, controlling, legal affairs, human resources and information technology. The 56-year-old executive, who comes from the San Paolo-IMI Group, will in effect serve as the #2 top manager after Patrizio Bertelli, chairman and CEO. He will work with Donatello Galli, also from San Paolo-IMI, who will be in charge of administration and finance, taking over some of the functions of the former finance manager, Riccardo Stilli. Prada will also have next January a new head of corporate communications, Tomaso Galli, who held a similar post at Gucci Group, replacing Giacomo Ovidi who will oversee the development of the Luna Rossa brand. Meanwhile, Jil Sander has again left after six months in the job as creative director of the German fashion house that bears her own name, in spite of a 4 percent sales increase in the 1st half of this year. She had left four years ago, shortly after Prada took over her firm in 1999, in a previous dispute with Bertelli. This time, Sander was reportedly opposed to major cost cuts intended to restore its profitability.