Caval, the Parisian brand that delights in asymmetry with its mismatched pairs of shoes, is launching a new unisex collection that trades leather for a vegan material called Pellemela (literally “apple skin”). The sole will be made in Portugal of 40 percent recycled rubber and the inserts in Spain from recycled polyurethane. The Pellemela upper – manufactured in Italy, like the cotton laces – has a two-part composition: half polyurethane, half apple-peel fiber – derived from the tons of apple waste that the Italian region of Tyrol otherwise discards every year. It is manufactured by a company called Frumat, which is located in the Tyrolean city of Bolzano and supplies Pellemela also for the uppers of two shoe models released last month by Tommy Hilfiger. Caval’s new model will come in four colors, retail at €139 and go on sale through Caval’s website,, on June 13. More colors will become available in September through Le Bon Marché, the department store on the Left Bank of Paris.