As Fashion Network reports, a two-year partnership between Lionel Le Floch, the designer behind the Le Flow footwear brand, and Carole Beauverger, co-founder of the showroom Showtime Paris, has produced a new brand of vegan shoes, Supergreen. The brand’s shoes are made of corn fiber, sourced from an Italian producer. According to Le Floch, it resembles leather in look and feel and cotton in structure but demands five or six times less water to cultivate. In addition, it is shinier than pineapple or mushroom fiber, develops a patina over time, withstands wear, allows the foot to breathe and repels water. The soles, made in France, are lightweight, biodegradable and entirely “natural.” The shoes are assembled in Portugal. The first Supergreen model – a derby called Cornflex that comes in black or camel – is available for pre-order at €99 for the first hundred pairs. The price will later rise to €139. Le Floch and Beauverger hope in the mid-term to establish a fashion and biochemistry workshop around a laboratory in Paris. In the meantime, they are looking to set up events with vegan-minded shops or associations in France.