Havaianas, the flip-flop brand owned by Alpargatas, has sold its first five NFTs (non-fungible tokens), all designed by Adhemas Batista, an artist who hails from São Paulo but lives in Los Angeles. Grouped under the general title Felicidade (Happiness), the blockchain-bound pieces of digital art sold in exchange for the cryptocurrency Ether at Foundation.app/Havaianas. Their individual sale prices were as follows:

  • Happy Feet: 0.28 ETH (€919-$1,057)
  • A Step to Happiness: 0.10 ETH (€328-$377)
  • Happy Citizen: 0.10 ETH (€328-$377)
  • Happy Spring: 0.1101 ETH (€361-$415)
  • Happy Heels: 0.1212 ETH (€398-$457)

Favela Galeria, an open-air art museum in a poor neighborhood of São Paulo, will be receiving 7 percent of the proceeds as well as a share of Batista’s own profits. Batista has been working with Havaianas in some capacity for 15 years. Early on he was a designer for an ad agency hired by the brand.