Norda, a young Canadian brand of running shoes, introduced the first seamless trail running shoe made from bio-based Dyneema fiber, produced by Royal DSM.

DSM claims that bio-based Dyneema performs exactly the same as conventional Dyneema, with a carbon footprint 90 percent lower than high-performance polyethylene, thanks to the use of renewable, bio-based feedstock.

Norda is the brainchild of Willamina and Nick Martire. Both are footwear industry veterans and avid trail and endurance runners. Nick ran Elan Polo’s European business from 2000-2008 and worked for Aldo Group for eight years in 2010 before taking over responsibility for La Canadienne in 2019 after a scant year as president International at Authentic Brands Group. Since 2017, he is also president of Oak House, a private company that builds global footwear and apparel brands from initial design concept to global omnichannel strategy. His wife Willamina founded her own footwear company, Pretty Ballerinas, in 2009 and ran it until 2015.