Reckitt-Benckiser, which took over SSL International, parent company of Scholl, in July 2010, has informed all the European shoe retailers that have been selling Scholl footwear that they will not be able to order them anymore, starting with the spring/summer 2014 season. According a top official of Scholl in Milan, where the European shoe operations are located, the decision was due to a big drop in the turnover and to the fact that many retailers have not been paying their bills, especially in Italy, which is the biggest market for the brand. Scholl had been adjusting its footwear line for the shoe trade in recent seasons, developing more fashionable styles, but pulled out of some of the recent major shoe shows. Scholl generated a total global turnover of £79.6 million (€95.5m-$128.2m) last year for Reckitt-Benckiser excluding the North American market, where Brown Shoe Co. holds the shoe license for the brand.