Red Wing Shoe Company opened a European head office in Amsterdam at the start of July. The American group has been trading in the Netherlands and in other European countries for the last 10 years, but its rapid growth in the last five years called for an expanded European team and office. For the moment, the European head office will only take care of the company's lifestyle footwear collection, which has been making its mark in Europe. In the future, other segments of the company's activities, such as its brand of outdoor shoes, Vasque, and its work boots, may also be managed from the European office. Red Wing already moved last year its European warehouse from France to the Netherlands. From the new office in Amsterdam, Red Wing will be in contact with its eleven sales agents in Europe and its main distributor In Russia, Code7. For the moment, four employees work in the European head office and support the company's business in Europe. Matthijs van Meurs, who has been the manager of the Red Wing mono-brand store in Amsterdam, is now in charge of sales for the Netherlands and is supervising sales to all Red Wing stores in Europe. Esther Meerenga, who comes from the fashion industry, is the new European office manager. Wytse Hylkema, who had been working as freelance designer for the brand, has become its European marketing manager.