RegioPlan, the Vienna-based consultancy firm, says in its latest report on the Central and Eastern European countries that due to the global financial crisis, the boom of developing shopping malls in those emerging markets has come to a halt. While only 10 percent of the planned shopping malls in the Eastern countries have been canceled entirely, most new projects have been postponed by two to four years. RegioPlan found that the skyrocketing boom in the past few years was more offer- than demand-driven. Furthermore, the market research company hints that the impact of the crisis on retail will be felt far less by the consolidated retail structures in more developed countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia, compared with the Ukraine, Romania, Russia and Bulgaria. According to RegioPlan, the speed of development of new shopping malls has been scary lately: In all of Eastern Europe, 32 percent of all existing malls were built between 2005 and 2008, 10 percent in 2007 alone.