Second-hand, or pre-owned, fashion is a growing trend in France, with brands such as Kiabi, Gémo and Jacadi all launching pre-owned clothing projects. Shoe and apparel retailer Eram has decided to join in, and has recently been testing several schemes offering second-hand fashion items in stores, both for shoes and vintage ready-to-wear. It is also about to launch a website dedicated to second-hand shoes.

The company has opened a vintage section in its Boulevard Sébastopol shop in Paris, which includes second-hand clothing from brands such as Levi’s, Adidas and Ralph Lauren. To source items, Eram has partnered with the Eureka group, owner of vintage clothing specialists The Kilo Shop and Hippy Market.

Currently, the vintage section is only available in this Parisian boutique, but several test stores are planned in other parts of France. If successful, the initiative will lead to a wider roll-out, involving about thirty out of the 200 stores that the network has today.

As a separate project, Eram is also developing the sale of second-hand shoes. In three stores, customers can now drop off and put on sale a second-hand pair, or purchase one. The selling price is set by the seller and a shop assistant. The settlement can be made in cash or through a voucher representing a 30 percent premium over the price the shoes were sold.

In addition,the retailer offers a cobbler service where the reshaping of the pair is carried out in store. Eventually, 40 to 50 stores could offer the service, which accepts shoes of other brands. Eram plans to launch an e-commerce platform for pre-owned shoes by the end of the year.