Germany’s shoe industry has joined a wide-ranging alliance to set up a data exchange and clearing platform for the sector.

The footwear buying groups ANWR and Sabu, the shoe and leather goods industry association HDS/L and the merchandise management providers ETOS and Brandt Retail groups have agreed on a joint strategy based on the European Clearing Center (ECC), the leading clearing house for energy and commodity products in Europe.

With the agreement, the ECC is bound to become the leading network platform for the shoe industry and should allow various digital applications to be connected quickly and securely, in a bid to further advance digital networking with online transactions for trade and industry partners.

The project should mark a milestone on the way to new partnerships and bring the shoe industry closer together for the benefit of all those involved, according to the ANWR Group’s chief executive, Frank Schuffelen

As a platform for the entire industry, open to all dealers and manufacturers, the project enables the sharing of data, image material, inventory and sales figures, and digital signage tools, making cooperation between current and potential partners much easier and increasing the speed of response to an ever-faster market. This improvement in efficiency should result in cost reductions, freeing up time and resources to focus on current market issues.

The promoters of the platform now aim to jointly expand the range of ECC services and connect additional retailers and suppliers to the data-sharing platform, bringing the business community closer and strengthening the shoe industry. The positive impact should continue to be felt after the coronavirus crisis.

All market participants are invited to join the platform, regardless of which ERP system they use. Partnership contracts will be signed to this effect.