The Shoepassion group, a multichannel shoe retailer based in Berlin that owns the Heinrich Dinkelacker brand of traditional high-end men’s shoes, has launched an identity management (ID) solution for the sale of footwear.

The system was tested during the summer in a pop-up store at the Bikini shopping center in Berlin. Visitors can scan their feet and after about 30 seconds a selection of shoes will be suggested. It is then possible for them to place an order in the store and have the shoes delivered at home free of charge.

The scanner is integrated with the company’s e-commerce channel and is expected to further reduce the return rate of online sales, that Shoepassion claims is already low. The measurements can also be used for custom-fit shoes produced by Heinrich Dinkelacker, whose custom-made shoe unit has been recently digitized.

An online extension of the system was introduced mid-July on the company’s website. For the time being, clients can only enter their foot length and width, but a measurement software using the smartphone’s camera is due soon.

The foot scanner was developed by OneFID, a start-up from Cologne. Shoepassion has 10 additional stores in Germany, Switzerland and Poland.