Robert Polet, who replaced Domenico De Sole as CEO of Gucci Group earlier this year, wants the Gucci brand to grow at an annual compound rate of at least 10 percent over the next three years, or double the growth of the luxury goods market. Spending on marketing will be raised by 20 percent and 22 new stores will be opened, half of them in Asia. The brand will enter the Indian market in 2006. The gross margin will be raised from 68 to 70 percent. No acquisitions and no disposals are planned until 2007. By that time, all the smaller brands that belong to the group will have to break even at least, but it may take longer for Boucheron and Yves Saint Laurent. Discreet use of focus groups will be made to fine-tune consumer research. The supply chain will be improved and the general organization will be modified.