Marking a new change of strategy, Rodoz is now manufacturing the totality of its shoes in Portugal. It has stopped making them in India. Rodoz, a French supplier of dressy men’s and women’s shoes trading under the Christian Pellet brand name, stopped producing in France one year ago, leading to a reduction in its total staff from 130 to 17 people.

The company found that the overall production process in India was too slow, especially with regard to new models that needed to be modified and retouched several times before a reaching a satisfactory, final product. According to Rodoz, the advantages for producing in Portugal are clear. Access is easier, prices remain fairly cheap when compared to France, and the proximity means that the company can be more reactive to market trends.

The move is in line with Rodoz’ new «fashion-forward» strategy. The company is determined to become more fashion-oriented, so the fact that models can be developed fast in accordance with the latest market trends is important. On the other hand, Rodoz also believes that it needs to concentrate on “tight” prices, as a direct result of the abolition of Chinese import quotas. Therefore, it is testing out other potential sources of production in Asia and Africa.

For the first half of 2005, which ended on June 30, Rodoz reported a turnover of €2.5 million, which was down by 15 percent on the previous year. It is expecting to make a similar turnover in the second half of the year, which would be flat on the corresponding 2004 figure. Rodoz has attributed the downturn in the first six months to a repositioning of its product line, targeting higher-end retailers.