Roger Maes, the Belgian shoe industry expert who started up back in 1995, when very few people in the shoe industry used the internet, has re-launched his relational website with a better structure, better filters and search functions that seem to be appreciated by visitors. The website is probably still the most comprehensive directory of the global shoe industry, with more than 3,000 contacts for suppliers of components and finished products. It acts as a forum where qualified industry professionals can post “wanted” ads for services and jobs – still free of charge for the time being, and propose the sale of stock lots, machinery, etc. Maes, who is now 73 years old, got the idea for Shoeinfonet while he was representing the Belgian shoe industry at the European Confederation of the Shoe Industry (CEC). He has been running the service since then without any commercial purposes, giving him the possibility to select the inputs, but it has given him a chance to be meet many people, to get consultancy jobs and to be involved from the start in the globalization of the footwear industry.