Roger Vivier is introducing a short movie featuring Catherine Deneuve, to celebrate the launch of the Très Vivier Christmas line. The shoes are inspired by the house's original Belle Vivier shoe, named after the classic 1968 movie “Belle de Jour,” in which Deneuve wore Vivier's iconic design. The short movie, directed by Michael Haussman, centers around the Christmas of an aristocratic Parisian family. Gherardo Felloni, Roger Vivier's creative director, briefly appears in the movie. There is also a cameo from 83-year-old Cecilia Matteucci Lavarini, the Italian fashion collector. Haussman's short movie is inspired by Gioachino Rossini's  “Duet for Two Cats,” and includes an actual catfight between two glamorous twins over a pair of Très Vivier pumps.