Rohde, the German shoemaker that came out of insolvency in 2017 after being bought by Italy's Inblu, posted net sales of €16 million last year. Its management claims that it has returned to a normal business conditions with the autumn/winter 2018/2019 collection. Inblu is a unit of the Italian-based Condor Trade Group.

Renato Lo Presti, the Condor Trade manager who now runs Rohde, said that the German company has recovered 80 percent of its former clients. Nevertheless, the top line remains way below the level of about €30 million posted in 2015, the last known sales figure before the German company's bankruptcy.

Rohde filed for insolvency on Oct. 28, 2016, and Inblu was invited to take over the company in December. On March 7, 2017, it completed the acquisition of Rohde's assets without the credit and the debt, and it rehired 50 people.

Rohde's new management was forced to skip the 2017 spring/summer collection, because it was already late in the year and had too many problems to address. It decided to concentrate on the 2017/2018 autumn/winter collection and on rebuilding the company's client base. But problems in retrieving molds at its previous Moldovan supplier, Floare, caused delivery delays for the autumn/winter collection. The issue with Floare was settled in October 2017, but Rohde finished the year with only €9 million in sales.

Rohde has about 3,800 clients, mainly independent stores and footwear chains. Half of its revenues stem from Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark. Other significant markets are Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France and Scandinavia. The company also sells through online marketplaces such as Amazon and Germany's Mirapodo.

Rohde does not have its own e-commerce platform. Lo Presti rules out the creation of a business-to-business site because he believes it is essential to maintain a personal relationship with wholesale clients. However, he wants to establish a strong relationship with the end user through social networks and is open to the idea of creating a business-to-consumer website.