Rudy Haslbeck has left Legero United, the Austrian-based footwear group that markets brands such as Legero, Superfit, Vios and Think. Until the end of September, Haslbeck was managing the Legero business unit within the company. Stefan Stolitzka, chief executive of the group, will assume his responsibilities until a successor has been appointed. Stolitzka's responsibilities in sales, marketing and the digital business unit will be taken over by Alenka Klarica, who joined the group as chief operating officer in February. As a member of the executive board, Klarica was already responsible for sales, marketing, digitalization and retail for all the group's brands. Haslbeck joined Legero United in May 2018, after working for Ecco, Birkenstock and Gabor. Stolitzka will from now on take care of design and product development as well as the further development of the Legero brand. After establishing new executive positions around its chief executive, Stefan Stolitzka, Legero United plans to invest €74 million in brand and product development by 2021. Legero seeks to invest mainly in design, digitalization, marketing and production. At the end of last year, Legero opened a new factory in India, hiring more than 550 people. It sped up production with a new 3D-design process and optimized its logistics as well. The Legero and Superfit brands will have a new image from spring 2020. Reportedly, Legero aims to reach annual sales of €350 million by 2023 and €199 million in 2019.