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    Unichel claims tagging has not eradicated counterfeiting in Russia


    The mandatory tagging of shoes has not solved the problem of the wide presence of counterfeit footwear in Russia, according to Ekaterina Zheleznyakova , development director of the shoe producer and retailer, Unichel . So far, the project has only had a negative impact on legitimate businesses, resulting as ...

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    ​The second-hand market is growing in Russia


    The Covid-19 pandemic has spurred the demand for second-hand shoes and clothes in Russia, a research conducted by the Russian consulting agency Fashion Research Group showed. As of today, this segment accounts for 6 percent of sales of the Russian fashion market. The continuing deterioration in purchasing ...

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    Footwear stores hit hard in Moscow, St. Petersburg


    In September, independent footwear stores in Russia experienced, on average, a 17 percent slump in sales, compared with the same period of the previous year, on the back of a second wave of Covid-19 in the country, Moscow-based think tank Evotor estimated. It is believed that chains are performing ...

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    Russia reportedly planning to limit shoe imports


    The Russian government is mulling over measures aimed at limiting footwear imports, according to the Russian press. The local authorities plan to take advantage of the situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic, including a slump in the import of fashion goods and restrictions on international travel, to expand the ...

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    Tamaris launches an online store in Russia


    Tamaris , the shoe brand owned by the Wortmann Group , has launched an online store in Russia to support growing sales in the country. The opening of a digital store comes after a successful marketing campaign for the spring-summer season and a rapid development of offline sales, the ...

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    Russian fashion retailers end up with huge unsold stocks


    On average, Russian fashion retailers failed to sell 30 percent of their summer collections due to the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in record levels of unsold stocks, according to the Moscow-based think tank Fashion Consulting Group . Some retailers were unable to sell half of their summer collections, which now ...

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    Russian shoe market nearly 3 times larger than previously estimated


    The recent introduction of mandatory tagging of footwear in Russia has shown that up to 1.3 billion pairs of shoes are sold in the country on average per year. This is nearly three times more than previous official estimates, said Denis Manturov , the Russian industry and trade minister ...

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    ​Russian shoe market may recover from mid-2021


    The most optimistic forecast envisages that the sales on the Russian fashion market will recover only around mid-2021, Anna Lebsac-Kleimans , director of the Russian analytical agency Fashion Consulting Group said. In 2020, sales are likely to contract by 25 to 40 percent compared to the previous year, she ...

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    Russian customs wants to check parcels for counterfeit shoes


    The Russian Federal Customs Service is seeking to obtain authorization from the government to inspect parcels entering the country for the presence of counterfeit products purchased through foreign online stores, according to Sergey Shklyaev , director of the trade restrictions department of the Customs Service. Shoes and clothes are ...

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    Fashion retail in Russia fails to return to pre-crisis sales levels


    In Moscow, turnover of the fashion retail market has stabilized at 72 to 75 percent of pre-coronavirus crisis levels, research conducted by the Moscow-based IT company Evotor showed. Fashion retail is recovering slower than other retail segments, and as of the end of July the growth in turnover ...

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    Mandatory tagging of footwear is finally introduced in Russia


    After several delays and despite the continuing protests of some market participants, the Russian government has introduced a mandatory tagging of footwear on the domestic market from July 1. Now, all shoes not featuring Data Matrix tags will be illegal. The government estimates that this measure will wipe out counterfeit ...

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    Kari inks partnership with AliExpress


    Russia’s biggest footwear retailer, Kari , has begun selling shoes and accessories through AliExpress . Kari placed nearly 1,000 different items on the AliExpress website – nearly half of its product range - offering a 40 percent discount on everything. Kari decided to conclude the agreement with AliExpress when it ...

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    Mandatory tagging of shoes will start in Russia on July 1st


    There will be no further delays in the introduction of mandatory tagging of footwear products sold on the Russian market, said Victor Evtukhov , Deputy Industry and Trade Minister. All untagged shoes will be banned for sale in the country from July 1, he added. The tags consist of ...

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    Up to half of Moscow’s shoe stores may not reopen


    Between 35 to 50 percent of Moscow’s footwear stores are likely not to resume trading after the lifting of the lockdown in the Russian capital due to the impact of the economic crisis and online competition, according to the local think tank Fashion Research Group . Moscow introduced a ...

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    Covid-19 will shake the Russian footwear market


    The Russian footwear market is expected to suffer a double whammy consisting of higher prices, due to the depreciation of the ruble, and lower demand, stemming from the lockdown to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and economic hardship. The price of shoes is predicted to jump by 20 to 35 percent ...

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    Weak sales of winter footwear in Russia and Ukraine


    Footwear retailers in Russia and Ukraine experienced a slump in sales because of abnormally warm weather this season. Sales in all categories of winter products plummeted by between 6 and 25 percent in Ukraine as compared to the previous winter, according to Igor Zabulonsky , general director of KarKat ...