Salamander, Reno and Deichmann received the German Fairness Award on Oct. 14. In the category of shoe stores, the first prize was given to Salmander, followed by Reno and Deichmann. The jury assessed three different categories: price-performance ratio, reliability and transparency. Reno was ranked first in the category of price-performance, while Salamander was ranked first in the category of transparency and reliability. Roland, which is part of the Deichmann group, came in fourth place in the overall ranking, followed by Leiser, Klauser, Siemes, Görtz, ABC Schuhe and Quick Schuh. The German Institute for Service Quality conducted an online survey among more than 40,000 consumers, asking them to evaluate about 500 companies from 37 different sectors. A total of 25 German shoe companies were evaluated in the survey.