Bawag's divestiture of the Stiefelkönig shoe retail group has reached another important step, after the previously reported sale of its Geox franchises in Austria to Geox.

Salamander Austria, a subsidiary of Ara Shoes, signed a deal on Feb. 15 to buy its Delka banner. It will keep Delka's 35 corporate stores in Vienna, Lower Austria, Upper Austria and Burgenland as they have proven to be successful in the past. Schuhquadrat, a subsidiary of Salamander Austria, will take on the 240 employees at Delka's corporate stores.

Salamander Austria and Delka will continue to expand in coming months. In 2010, 10 new Salamander corporate stores were opened up in Austria. This year, the company plans to open new stores under both formats.

At the moment, Salamander Austria manages 34 corporate stores in Austria. The company's headquarters for the country as well as its stores in the Central and Eastern European markets are based in Vienna.