Salamander, which came under the ownership of EganaGoldpfeil only six months ago, has inaugurated a new shop format in the new Ettlinger Tor shopping center in Karlsruhe, Germany, where the main color theme revolves around brown instead of the banner’s classical green. The Salamander brand, including its new collection of handbags, occupies a more important place than before, in line with company plans to raise from 10 to 20 percent its contribution to the chain’s revenues. Similar stores are planned in Munich and Frankfurt next Spring. The total number of stores in Germany should rise from 52 now to 60 by the end of 2006. A positive operating profit (Ebit) is still expected for the international chain this year. Meanwhile, the former Salamander stores in Switzerland have been renamed as Pasito-Fricker, partly because EganaGoldpfeil has bought the rights to the Salamander brand. They are still owned by Garant Schuh + Mode.