Schuhe24 is entering the Swiss market. The online shoe retail portal that was created four years ago by Dominik Benner, a German shoe retailer and former member of ANWR's supervisory board, has signed a cooperation agreement with Digitec Galaxus, the leading online retailer from Switzerland. According to Digitec Galaxus, it records total sales of €794 million per year with its and online retail portals. As of mid-December, the Swiss online retailer will list the products of 1,000 affiliated shoe retailers on the retail portal and handle logistics from the Swiss border to final customers. Schuhe24 expects to record sales of more than €55-60 million by the end of this year, up by 113 percent from the previous year, instead of a previously projected level of €40-50 million. More than 900 independent retailers are members of Schuhe24. Since earlier this year, retailers from the leathergoods and fashion industry have also been able to sell their products through the Schuhe24 online marketplace, which will launch a TV campaign in Germany at the end of this month. The number of customers is increasing, and regular customers account for 17 percent of all customers. The share of product returns has increased from 33 to 37 percent in the course of this year. At the beginning of the year, Schuhe24 had announced the goal of exceeding sales of €100 million by 2021, but the company is now expecting to reach this goal earlier.