, the ANWR Group's fast-growing German internet platform, has signed a cooperation agreement with Mirapodo. Retailers affiliated with will be able to offer their product lines through Mirapodo. ANWR has recently signed similar agreements with Amazon, Zalando, eBay and Spartoo, the French online shoe retailer that has agreed to take over the French André chain of shoe shops. In the spring, ANWR had stated that a cooperation agreement with Mirapodo would not be signed, but new negotiations have apparently borne fruit. The ANWR Group also aims to launch an internet platform for sporting goods retailers affiliated with Sport 2000. This platform, for which no name has been announced, will be online by the fourth quarter of 2019. Its slogan will be “Supporting your goals”. Dominik Benner, a German shoe retailer and former member of ANWR's supervisory board, launched the internet portal this February. Some of the retailers using the portal, which is managed by Valeska Benner, are members of Sport 2000.