Several former Doc Martens executives have launched a range of women’s footwear that is designed to reduce the pain of walking on high heels. Called Oh !, the line is founded on a technology of shock absorption for which the executives have bought worldwide rights. The principle is that the heels are affixed without nails, preventing the wobbling that causes discomfort. The first collection of Oh! Shoes, whose deliveries began in the USA this August, combines the technology with sassy designs that are aimed at comfort shoe stores as well as fashion boutiques. The venture is led by Greg van Gasse and Bob Landerman, who were both formerly the two most important executives in Doc Martens’s US subsidiary, and by Gary Wells, previously in charge of sourcing at Cole Haan. The US launch is starting with about 30 doors. Kim Thonger, another former manager of Dr. Martens in Europe who worked also for Donna Karan and for Dune, is acting as a consultant to approach European customers.