Sioux reached an out-of-court settlement with the German Olympic Sports Association, DOSB, and German Sport Marketing (DSM) resolving the dispute about the termination of the sponsorship agreement between DSM and Sioux. The sponsorship contract with DSM was supposed to run to Dec. 1. Sioux dismissed the claim made by the DSM, which terminated the sponsorship agreement at the beginning of September, and filed a suit. Sioux expected costs amounting to a five-digit sum in euros if the termination of the contract had become effective. The contract will now run to Dec. 1 and Sioux has the chance to sell the shoes that are marketed with the Olympic logo until that date. There are no further details on the settlement agreement. The long-term partnership, which lasted 44 years, ended with significant criticism for the International Olympic Committee. In an interview during the Olympic Games in Rio, Lewin Berner, managing partner and chief executive of Sioux, explained that in relation to the most important market of the brand, Germany, the depth of the relationship of the citizens with sport and the Olympics is decreasing somewhat. In an official press release, Sioux said that the Olympics have gone too far from their roots and that the Olympic Games have gone further and further away from their original purpose, responding mainly to commercial interests.