According to one study, 130 people with dementia went missing in Australia from 2011 to 2015. Of those, 71 percent were found alive, 20 percent were injured, and a further 19 percent were unfortunately found dead. Another study found that 60 percent of Americans with Alzheimer’s disease will “wander” at some point. A U.S. firm, SmartSole, has created a shoe insole with a GPS tracker hidden inside. The insoles can be slipped into the shoes of a loved one who suffers from the disease and a built-in tracking chip with a cellular signal that lets the buyer know exactly where they are. The insoles send a location update to a server every five or 10 minutes. The location data is put on a map which caregivers can access online or through the company’s mobile app, and if the wearer leaves an assigned area, the person tracking them is alerted by email and text along with their last known location. The insoles themselves cost $299 in the U.S. for the pair, with two monthly service plans that update the location either every five or every 10 minutes. They are available on Amazon and are also sold in Canada. In Europe, they are available through distributors in the U.K., Germany and the Nordic countries.