In the first six months of this year, Spain's shoe exports jumped by 17.6 percent in value to reach €1,480.6 million, thanks in part to higher average prices. In terms of volume, they rose by 6.6 percent to 83.8 million pairs.

Prices went up even more strongly for shoes imported to Spain. The volume of the country's imports fell by 13 percent to 156.2 million pairs, but their total value increased by 14.5 percent to €1,290 million, leaving a trade balance of €191 million for the period.

The higher average prices of imported and exported shoes were due to a higher ratio of inter-European trade for Spain in the sector. The country's exports to other member countries of the European Union grew by 22 percent in value and by 12 percent in volume. At the same time, exports to the rest of the world rose by 4.3 percent in value but fell by 9.3 percent in terms of pairs.

Similarly, the volume of footwear imports decreased from the two major suppliers – China and Vietnam – and it rose from Italy, Germany, France and the U.K. The quantities fell by 20 percent from China and by 17 percent from Vietnam, but while the value of imports from China increased by 16.5 percent to €469 million, it recorded a decline of one percent from Vietnam. On the other hand, imports from Bangladesh jumped by 64 percent in volume and by 47 percent in value, making the country the third-largest supplier with 4.4 million pairs.

Imports grew in terms of volume by 15 percent from Italy, by 92 percent from Germany, by 5 percent from France and by 72 percent from the U.K. In terms of value, imports of Italian shoes, which had already started to rise in 2014, went up by 22 percent, representing the third-largest source after China and Vietnam.

Spanish shoe exports to France grew by 24 percent in value as well as in volume in the first six months of 2015. The second-largest destination by far was Italy, where Spanish exports increased by 12.4 percent in value but fell by 1.7 percent in volume. Germany came next with increases of 21 percent in value and 20 percent in volume. A 23 percent increase in value and volume was recorded in the fourth-largest market, the U.K.

At €41.91 per pair, average export prices reached the highest level in the U.S., where Spanish shoe exports continued to improve, with increases of 28 percent in value and 17 percent in volume. Pricewise, Hong Kong came after the U.S., but Spain sold only 7 percent more footwear there.

Spanish exports recorded a small increase of 11 percent in value even in the tough Greek market. However, they declined by 4 percent in China, by 33 percent in Russia and by 7 percent in Turkey.

Women's leather shoes were the star on the export front on a global basis. Spain's total exports of leather shoes increased by 6.8 percent in volume to 28.8 million pairs, with a 13.8 percent gain in the women's segment. They rose by 15.5 percent in value to €905.5 million, representing two-thirds of the total export turnover.