Spartoo, the online shoe retailer based in Grenoble with a presence in 20 European countries, has undertaken an interesting exercise: coming up with profiles of customers based on the country where they live. Based on sales information, Spartoo notes that French customers buy 5.7 pairs of shoes per year, but carefully – they go for good value. The British buy 5.4 pairs per year and stick with classic styles, such as moccasins and Doctor Martens. Italians buy 5.2 pairs per year and tend to go for heels and high-style models. Dutch and Belgian buyers (4.7 pairs and 3.9 pairs, respectively) like simple materials and colors, while Spanish customers (4.5 pairs) go for open shoes, especially with rope or cork soles. Portugal (4.3 pairs) is the home of colorful sandals. Germans buy 4 pairs of comfortable, functional shoes per year, while in Finland buyers (3.8 pairs per year) like styles that are more rock 'n' roll. Polish shoppers buy 3 pairs per year of a variety of styles but often in unusual colors.