Sperry is launching a collection of sustainable shoes for spring 2019, made from plastic taken out of the ocean. The Sperry x Bionic collection was made possible by a partnership with Bionic and Waterkeeper Alliance. The collection uses “Bionic” yarn, which is spun from plastic recovered from marine and coastal environments. The Waterkeeper Alliance is a non-profit organization focusing on the right to clean water. The shoe boxes for the collection are made from 100-percent recycled paper material, using only vegetable ink and water-based glue. The collection is part of Sperry's new initiative “Look Good, Do Good,” an ongoing sustainability platform which aims to help protect the environment by reducing the use of plastic. As part of this initiative, the brand has also collaborated with the Waterkeeper Alliance on a voice-controlled experience, called Sperry Waterkeeper, that works through Amazon Echo smart speaker devices. When prompted, the device offers its users a range of everyday tips for using less plastic.