Stimulated no doubt in part by the unusually late dates of the GDS/GLS and by the relatively good health of the German market, the number of exhibitors booked at the German fairs has risen by 2 percent to a total of 1,365 for the next March 14-16 session, as compared to one year ago. Significantly, the number of Italian firms is up by 45 percent, while the British and the Dutch are up by 33 and 16 percent, respectively. A decline of 9 percent in the total number of exhibitors at Global Shoes & Accessories, the section devoted to OEM manufactures, will be more than offset by a 13 percent increase for the rest of the fair. The number of companies showing in the Exclusivity segment is up by 3 percent to 224 and includes newcomers such as Lacoste and Pollini. The Young Fashion and Lifestyle & Sports segments have 12 percent more exhibitors including new ones such as Le Coq Sportif, Callaghan and Cinque. Diesel Kids and Unisa are new to the Kids area, where Ricosta will have an attractive new stand.