Etonic Worldwide is taking over the distribution of Stonefly in the USA, and it will take advantage of the Italian brand’s know-how in comfort shoes to develop a line of casual walking shoes under its own name, due to be delivered to retailers in the Fall of 2009. Stonefly will close its 10-year-old U.S. sales subsidiary in Hawthorne, New York, and its general manager, John Roselli, will leave the group.

Other initiatives are in the pipeline for Stonefly following the recent departure of Loredana Polo, a long-time company executive who was promoted as general manager in 2003. Andrea Tomat, who shares the ownership of Stonefly with its product manager, Adriano Sartor, has taken over her place on an interim basis. Lariano Pizzolato, formerly in charge of sales in Italy, has been made responsible for international sales as well, taking over the functions of two previous area managers.

Specializing in running, bowling and golf shoes, Etonic is an American sports shoe brand with a history, based in Waltham, Massachusets. It was bought at the end of 2006 by Lotto Sport Italia. Tomat and Sartor are also shareholders in Lotto.

Company officials express hope that the partnership with Etonic will lead Stonefly to at least return to the peak turnover of $5 million that the brand had reached a couple of years ago in the USA. Based in Montebelluna and founded in 1993, Stonefly had total sales of €97 million in 2007. Etonic, which was founded in 1876, had sales of just under $30 million.