Superga has opened several new mono-brand stores outside its domestic Italian market in the last couple of months and signed distribution contracts for new markets.

Its first mono-brand store in South America was opened this week. The store is in the JK Iguatemi mall in São Paulo and is owned and managed by Superga's Brazilian licensee, Brands House. At the same time, the Chinese licensee of the Italian brand of sneakers, Electric Sekki, opened another mono-brand store in Beijing. Its UK distributor, GLD Group, opened another mono-brand store in London at the end of May. Superga's U.S. licensee, Steve Madden, will open a temporary store in Los Angeles this August or September while

Superga has about 50 stores worldwide, which are owned and managed by its licensees, and about 100 stores in Italy, owned and managed by the company itself.

Meanwhile, Superga has signed some new distribution contracts in a couple of markets outside Europe. In India, Sunglass Palace signed a distribution contract with Superga this May. In Australia, Trends Imports Pty Ltd signed a deal with Superga a month ago. Nine International is taking care of Superga's sales in Colombia as of two months ago. In Chile, Paul Morrison from Street Machine has been representing the brand since then also.


Last June 16, Superga launched a cooperation with the fashion house of Versace, offering a model whose upper material is the same as that of Versace's clothing. It is on sale in Versace and Superga stores worldwide.