Sympatex Technologies won the ISPO European Ski Award for the second year running, with its “Eco-Blue” fully recyclable ski jacket. The Sympatex laminate is made from polyester-polyether copolymer, which consists of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, and is reportedly entirely recyclable. The prize may help the brand to gain notoriety outside Germany, which is not high and is difficult to build up in the face of rivals such as Gore-Tex.

To head up the company’s new dynamic endeavors, Thomas Baierlein, 48, was appointed as chief executive officer at the beginning of the year, and is also at the helm of the Ploucquet Holdings, the parent company of Sympatex. He replaced Martin Friedrich, who left for personal reasons at the end of last year. Formerly, Baierlein was an independent consultant working in brand management and investments for such clients as Swatch.

While it it will not disclose its size, Sympatex says it has increased its marketing budget considerably to finance a new advertising campaign that it launched at ISPO Winter, called “Turn to Performance.” A Munich-based marketing agency called Service Plan started developing the project in January of this year and the total budget cannot yet be disclosed. The campaign dwells on human emotional values and sporting achievements, which is the direct opposite of a recent Gore-Tex campaign that underlines the technical value of its product. Sympatex claims that 100 percent of its materials are bio-degradable.

With a strengthened position on the sporting goods market, Sympatex might well increase its notoriety. Seven new partnerships have been signed with Allsport, GoLite, Hahnenkamm, Protective, Sunrise, X-technology and Zimtstern to develop collections throughout the 2008-09 period. The company’s collaboration with Gonso, Maier Sports and Rono is set to go on. On the other hand, Sympatex has lost some important clients lately: one of them was Tommy Hilfiger, who presented a new skiwear collection in partnership with Gore-Tex at the last ISPO.