Tamaris, the shoe brand owned by the Wortmann group, has launched an international online marketing campaign under the hashtag #weristjulia (#whoisjulia). Julia is one of the most common first names in Europe among people aged 20 to 39. Tamaris estimates that 17 million women in Germany wear Tamaris shoes and that quite a few of them are called Julia. It is using the name as a synonym for the diversity of all women. Tamaris started its new social media campaign and guerrilla marketing in selected cities to generate interaction and encourage user-generated content. Videos with real people called Julia will follow. Tamaris connected its retailers with its website last year and aims to invest more in digitalization in 2020. The campaign started in January in Germany and in the next couple of months will be launched in Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Denmark and Sweden.