Tata Italia has announced a 14 percent sales increase for the last fiscal year, with revenues of €37.5 million, and plans for the opening of new shops. The brand is aiming for revenues of €45 million this year. Tata Italia, which is based in Bitonto, near Bari, operates a total of 60 shops, both managed and franchised, of which 2 are located outside Italy. These include large stores, with a surface between 1,000 and 3,000 square meters, superstores with a surface of 600 square meters, and flagship stores in historic city centers. The shops are mostly located in Italian shopping malls and cities. Tata other two shops are in Tirana, Albania. The most recent openings include Palermo, Mestre and Cerignola. New store openings are planned in L'Aquila, Taranto and Ladispoli, near Rome.