The Aldo Group is aiming to more intelligently fulfill online ship-from-store orders through a new partnership with Celect Fulfillment Optimization. The Canadian-based footwear and accessory retailer will use artificial intelligence to leverage store inventories in fulfilling online orders from the most profitable location across its global network. By adding an advanced analytics-based, retail-focused solution, Aldo is overcoming issues that afflict traditional order management systems (OMS). Celect claims that it can accurately predict demand in real time and determine which stores have more inventory than required. Aldo can then avoid selling from locations more likely to sell out, while targeting stores more likely to experience a lower demand for a specific item. Celect says it also has the ability to dynamically optimize trade-offs across orders, as opposed to processing one order at a time. Aldo has about 3,000 points of sale in over 100 countries operating under two signature brands, Aldo and Call It Spring, and a multi-brand retail concept, Globo.