The Bright show, regarded as the leading European trade show for streetwear, sneakers and skateboarding, which was acquired by the Premium Group in July 2015 and is held at the Arena Berlin fairgrounds, will not take place next January. According to the organizers of the show, the break will be used to work on the concept of the event. This summer, the show was extended by a B2C area centering on skateboarding, fashion and the cultural movement of the sport. The product portfolio, consisting of fashion, sneakers and accessories, adopted a new focus on hardware, bringing the skateboard again into the foreground and making it the centerpiece. The fundamental orientation of the show will now be examined. The Seek show, which is also owned by the Premium Group, will take place as planned on Jan. 15-17 at the Arena Berlin fairgrounds. Bright restructured its management team in May of this year. Katharina Schreiber and Dennis Scholz, both active skateboarders who are said to know the community well, along with the codes and equipment, are now responsible for organizing the Bright show and aim to integrate more space for interaction with the community.