The “Connect to Your Hub” campaign, which was organized last summer by the Dutch footwear brand Hub, will wrap up in July 2012. Winners of the campaign, which was launched in 11 countries, were announced at the end of November. Customers could create their own Hub shoe model by connecting with their local shoe retailer selling Hub footwear. Twenty-two people, two from each country where the campaign ran, win the shoe model they designed, and 10 pairs of the shoes will go to the store that collaborated with the winner. The special Connect to Your Hub styles are currently in production and will be delivered with the Hub winter collection. The company's new marketing activities are centered on a comics theme, and the website will be changed to a comic in the near future. A new campaign starting in July will invite customers to make their own Hub comic. Hub launched a new sneaker collection with bigger outsoles at this year's Bread & Butter and Bright trade shows. Separately, the Dutch shoe brand is approaching the French market with a new sales agent from summer 2012. About six French shoe stores are selling Hub's product line at the moment, and the company is aiming to get more clients this year. In addition, Hub is currently searching for a new agent in the U.K., as it is one of the company's most important markets.