The Council for Leather Exports of India says that from April to December 2011, which corresponds with the first nine months of its fiscal year, exports of leather and leathergoods grew by 31.1 percent to $3.6 billion. Finished leather exports totaled $776.7 million, leather footwear was worth $1.2 billion, footwear components accounted for $222.8 million, leather garments for $442.7 million, leathergoods for $805.4 million, saddlery and harnesses for $82.1 million and non-leather footwear for $53 million. The biggest buyers of Indian leather products were Germany (15.2 percent), Italy (11.3 percent), the U.K. (11.2 percent), the U.S. (9 percent), Hong Kong (7.5 percent), Spain (6.1 percent) and France (6 percent).