The French Royer Group is being reorganized into two main segments, after the strong growth that it has undergone over the past few years. The mass market segment, which represented about 55 percent of its turnover in 2004, is going to be run by Michael Royer, son of group’s CEO, Jacques Royer, after he completes a 7-year stint in Hong Kong at the end of 2005. The group’s branded business for the speciality stores, which includes the Converse and Morgan licenses, is coming under the management of Stéphane Grimault, a 43-year-old manager who ran Reebok in France until the end of last year. Grimault will also take over the responsibilities of Guy Rapp, who has been running the European Steve Madden license and the global Van Dutch Footwear license. Royer has taken over Rapp’s shares in the FEET joint venture, but the seasoned French executive may get involved in some other future projects. The group’s total sales increased last year by more than 20 percent to €129 million.