The holding company of Jean-Pierre Renaudin wants to bring down to only about 20 percent the proportion of children’s shoes manufactured in France. It has outsourced to China the entire production of slippers of its Babymousse brand, which still employed 54 persons at a French factory, and it has now announced the layoff of 39 out of the 150 employees of its most recent acquisition, Aster. Its main property, Mod’8, has already brought down to 28 percent the portion of the production process carried out in France.

The SAR group sells a total of 1.5 million pairs of children’s shoes and a similar number of children’s slippers annually. Last year the group divested two marginal operations under license – Chupa-Chups and Elle. Earlier this year, Jean-François Bru, the young former general manager of Aster, left the group, leaving Renaudin, who is now 61 years old, alone at its helm until he can find a successor.