As we had previously reported, the organizers of the GDS fair in Düsseldorf are seriously considering changing the timing of the show to an earlier date, starting in 2006. While a final decision on the matter is not expected until July 5, there is a strong chance that the show will likely take place two-three weeks earlier than usual in March and September, clearly positioning as a different alternative from the MICAM fair in Milan. Some exhibitors had called for even earlier dates, in late February and in July, but many of them ended up showning a certain hesitation in making such a big step.

In any case, following a pattern already observed with the Expo Riva Shoe show, it’s likely that the duration of the GDS will be shortened, helping to reduce the exhibitors’ costs. It should be cut from four to three days. As the last day of the Düsseldorf fair has always been nearly deserted, even when there was no overlap with MICAM, the show will probably begin on a Sunday and finish on Tuesday.

There will be no new revision in the dates of next September’s GDS, which will run as planned from Sunday to Wednesday on Sept. 18-21, with MICAM following immediately on its heels on Sept. 22-25. On the other hand, it will be easier to get around the fair. The medium- and low-end exhibitors will be transferred from Halls 3, 4 and 5 to Halls 15, 16 and 17, and the organizers guarantee that a certain level of quality will be maintained. Hall 7a will be reopened for fashion shows. Hall 5 has been tentatively picked as the future venue for the planned contemporary leathergoods show, the GLS, which will only start in 2006.

GDS’ other exhibitors will be compressed into the Halls going from #7 to #14, and while some of these halls were previously used only in part, the total net exhibition area will drop slightly to around 80,000 square meters. The young fashion scene will occupy Halls 13 and 14, with a new edition of the “Design Attack” space cast into a relaxed “Radio Bamboo” tropical beach atmosphere. The shrinking children’s section will move from Hall 15 over to one-half of Hall 10. Hall 9 will continue to be reserved for “Top Style” firms, while the “Wellness and Comfort” brands will be assigned to Hall 12.