The German Leather Federation, VDL, has established the new ECO2L label to designate products that are made using best energy-efficiency low-carbon technologies. The federation calls it as “the world's first calculation and auditing model for determining the energy efficiency and the carbon emissions of a tannery.” The Leather Research Foundation in Frankfurt came up with the criteria required to obtain an ECO2L label. Companies gather reliable information about greenhouse gas emissions and compare their performance with BEET, the energy standard Best Energy Efficiency for Tanning, to come up with their own carbon footprint. BEET also helps tanneries find possible areas where they can improve their efficiency. To get the ECO2L label, a tannery cannot exceed the BEET standard by more than 20 percent. While it was developed for producers of upholstery leather from cowhide, ECO2L can also be used for shoe uppers.