Quick Schuh, ANWR’s low-budget retailing format, has announced satisfactory figures for 2008. The franchise system, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, increased its sales by 0.3 percent to €140.6 million at retail prices after VAT. Currently, the group counts some 160 franchisees that operate roughly 400 doors. The total selling surface increased by a net 4,119 square meters; there were 7,181 square meters of new surface whereas 3,062 were shut down in 2008.

The headquarters’ own turnover decreased by 8 percent to €3.3 million, but this does not seem to have a negative impact on Quick’s income: According to the company’s managing director, Jochen Obrecht, the group’s operating profit may have been more than €200,000 on a preliminary basis compared with €183,000 in the previous year.

Obrecht explained at the GDS show that the global financial crisis has not reached Quick’s affiliated retailers yet and said he was convinced that the impact of the worldwide turmoil on the low-budget concept would be minimal. The headquarters will, however, expand its marketing efforts to the benefit of the affiliated retailers in 2009.

The group will support its dealers this year with a record marketing budget at €400,000. The package includes subsidies for retailers’ advertisement to up to 40 percent, billboard advertisements and €3,500 for advertising efforts for shop openings. To improve the margins of the retailers, Quick Schuh has extended its exclusive brands to some 50 percent of the shops’ offer.