The governments of Argentina and Brazil have reached an agreement to unblock more than 680,000 pairs of shoes that were stuck at customs and could not reach Argentina because of a trade dispute that have led to a big loss of revenues for Brazilian manufacturers. This still leaves around 650,299 pairs in the blockade. While appreciating the efforts of the Brazilian government, the nation's shoe industry association, Abicalçados, feels that the damage is still high, considering that 101,481 pairs were due to be delivered in the course of 2011. Brazil's exports to Argentina fell by 14 percent in volume and by 49 percent in value during the first half of 2012. Brazil represented 45.6 percent of Argentina's shoe imports during that period, while the balance was largely made up by Asian sources. On the other hand, Brazil still has an overall trade surplus of about US$1.5 billion with Argentina, which is suffering acute balance of payment problems.