The Italian shoe industry association, Assocalzaturifici, continues to lobby for the inclusion of strict origin labelling guidelines in the European Union's legislative package on product safety and market surveillance, and proposes to extend them to cover sales over the internet. Arturo Venanzi, vice president of Assocalzaturifici, told delegates at a seminar in Milan that counterfeiting results in an estimated a loss of 20,000 jobs a year in the Italian fashion and accessories industry. The shoe industry alone employs 78,000 people. Calling on the EU to introduce valid tracking tools, he noted that some forgers try to make people believe that the products they offer are authentic by using Italian-sounding brand names and the “made in Italy” term.   In this context a representative of the Italian government said that it plans to reopen anti-counterfeiting desks at its offices in Istanbul, Beijing and Moscow. These desks will also monitor nontariff barriers and assist Italian exporters in this area.