Italian shoemakers are rejoicing as their exports grew by a healthy 7.69 percent in the 1st quarter of 2007, as compared to the same period a year ago, to reach a level of €1,938.4 million. Deliveries in terms of volume grew by 1.25 percent to 76,725,000 pairs, while the average price per pair rose by 6.36 percent to €25.26.

The European anti-dumping duties against China and Vietnam probably helped. Exports of leather shoes increased by 5.35 percent in value to €1,597.4 million, despite a drop in volume of 0.55 percent to 52,193,000 pairs. Synthetic shoes went up by 5.30 percent in total value, canvas shoes by 29.95 percent and rubber shoes by 129.59 percent, while slippers slipped by 4.51 percent. Only 1,970,000 pairs of rubber shoes were exported in the period, but that was more than double the score of the year-ago quarter.

Still in terms of value, Italy’s exports of all kinds of shoes fell by 2.06 percent in Germany, which remained the biggest market, but they increased by 7.15 percent in the second largest market, France. They were nearly flat in the USA and the UK, but they were up by 20.25 percent in Spain, by 29.26 percent in Russia and by 12.19 percent in Canada.

Shoe imports into Italy grew by 11.78 percent in volume to 129,838,000 pairs in the first quarter, but in terms of value they only rose by 3.24 percent to €945.6 million. Imports from China increased by 21.39 percent in volume, but by only 5.23 percent in value. Imports from Vietnam went up by 15.50 percent in volume and by 8.84 percent in value. On the other hand, while 25.49 percent fewer pairs were imported from Romania, 10.78 percent more were imported from India, with a 12.54 percent increase in value.

Other sources of production scored higher levels of increase in volume, and even more in value, during the quarter. In terms of value, Tunisia was up by 46.46 percent, Indonesia by 17.81 percent, Brazil by 43.89 percent, Albania by 22.83 percent and Bosnia Herzgovina by 41.52 percent.