The January 2016 edition of Who's Next-Première Classe, which was held in Paris on Jan. 22-25, suffered from a 16 percent decline in the number of visitors as compared to the January 2015 edition. Figures came as no surprise. The organizers of the event had foreseen a troubled edition, due to the terrorist attacks in the French capital in November 2015 and the industry's gloomy business outlook. WSN Développement, which organized the show, reported an attendance of 48,684 visitors during the four days of the event. French visitors accounted for two thirds of total visitors, down by around 12 percent compared with January 2015, while the number of international visitors dropped by 22 percent. The presence of Asian visitors decreased by 25 percent. According to WSN Développement, the fears generated by the November attacks pushed several companies, notably Asian ones, to send fewer buyers to the show. The number of companies represented at the show did not decrease though. Some good news also came from the so-called VIP buyers, including major accounts and renowned concept stores, whose presence reportedly grew.