The Jones Apparel Group experienced a certain pressure on its gross margins in the area of footwear and accessories and in its l.e.i. junior denim business during the 1st quarter ended Apr. 2. The operating margin of its wholesale footwear and accessories segment declined to 14.9 percent from 19.9 percent a year ago, despite an overall sales increase to $279.7 million, causing the whole group to report a lower operating margin of 11.7 percent. On the other hand, the acquisition of Maxwell Shoe and Barneys New York added $180.7 million to the top line in this period, leading to a 10.8 percent increase in total revenues of 1,349 million. Revenues from continuing operations fell by 3.7 percent. Excluding Barneys, sales at Nine West and other corporate footwear and apparel stores were down by 3.7 percent in the quarter. The group’s net income was off by 7.8 percent to $87.0 million.