Ariston-Nord-West-Ring, which became more international through the acquisition of a controlling stake in Garant Schuh + Mode last year, reports an increase of almost 20 percent in its 2010 turnover to around €7 billion and claims higher market shares for some of its affiliated retailers on the German market.

Based on preliminary data, the shoe retailers affiliated with ANWR Schuh saw their own sales rise on average by about 8.6 percent, while the sporting goods retailers belonging to Sport 2000 did 10.3 percent better. Noting that nearly 50 percent of the 6,000-plus shoe, sporting goods and leathergoods retailers affiliated with ANWR are now based outside Germany, Günter Althaus, president of ANWR, says the expansion of its international reach is one of the items on its agenda for 2011.

In terms of centralized settlements, the turnover of ANWR Schuh grew last year by 13 percent to €945 million, while that of Garant grew by 9.4 percent to €811 million. At Sport 2000, it rose by 9.4 percent to €811 million.

Sabu, the German-centric shoe retail cooperative, reports meanwhile that its 1,000-plus affiliated retailers generated 8 percent more revenues in 2010 than in the previous year, mainly through new memberships or through the expansion of their operations. A major increase in orders has been recorded for the imminent spring/summer season.